A Word to the World

For educators, social workers, politicians and policy makers, public safety personnel, benefactors, and the other forces that can make or break these lives, and are wrestling with the impact of these troubled lives on society as a whole, The Peace During War Project provides a new perspective, a clear understanding, a personal 'human' understanding, and a whole new dialog for addressing the issues of urban violence and poverty and the impact on the coming generations.

Yafinceio Harris and Michael Wilder have dedicated our lives to saving the lives of our youth.

When a young man kills someone, our reaction is sadness and anger. "Give him life!" we scream.

This method is clearly not slowing down the murder rate.

What about the young shooter? What goes on inside the head of a young shooter?

What can we do to recognize young shooters and try to intervene in their lives and save them from themselves?

It is time for us as a people, a community, a city and as a state to come together and engage in this war for the lives of our young men.


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